Based on the belief that the achievement of business strategy and enhancing efficiency are inextricably linked with the satisfaction of human resources, HAI S.A. as a place of high technology has as its primary objective to create and maintain a great working environment.

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Today human resources, amounting to 1,380 employees, are a leading operator of skills and knowledge that contribute to the productivity and effectiveness of HAI thereby enhancing competitiveness decisively.

The company's human resources hold specialized knowledge gained from continuous training in order to meet the evolving requirements presented by the aerospace sector, in combination with the long working relationship with the company.

The Strategic Management of Human Resources always aims to create an environment of growth and reward that recognizes and empowers staff at all levels, as well as to exercise management that combines support, motivation, justice and respect for employees.

In this context HAI SA has created/established for its Workforce:

  • Policy of Equal Opportunities for all employees
  • Bi-directional, continuous and direct communication with employees
  • Open door policy
  • Programs career development & training of staff

Moreover the company:

  • Ensures the hygiene & safety in the workplace and
  • Promotes social activities & initiatives

The company collaborates with institutions of higher education and mainly provides opportunities for internships for students and other unemployed young people. The Dir HR organizes and orchestrates the effort.