16/12/2015: Official visit of the alternate Minister of National Defense in HAI

A presentation of activities and perspectives was held, as well as a tour to the facilities and current projects of the company

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An official visit was held today at HAI premises in Tanagra by the Alternate Minister of National Defense Mr. Dimitris Vitsas. The Alternate Minister was accompanied by high-rank Staff Officers.

The Chairman of HAI BoD, Mr. Zacharias Gkikas, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. George Th. Mazarakos, as well as HAI’s executives welcomed the official delegation.

During the meeting, HAI’s management had the opportunity to brief the official delegation on the company capabilities, activities, strategy and perspectives, as well as to address specific issues related to HAI’s operation.

Following that, the delegation was given a tour in Production areas. There, Mr. VItsas and the delegates were briefed for the important programs among them are the upgrade, modernization, and maintenance of the Hellenic Air Force, Hellenic Navy, and Hellenic Coast Guard fleets, as well as the significant, solely export-oriented, aerostructure programs.


From left to right: Mr. Z. Gkikas, Chairman of HAI’s BoD, Mr. D. Vitsas, Alternate Minister of Defense,
Mr. G. Th. Mazarakos, HAI’s Chief Executive Officer